The first blog entry.  What to write?  What to say?  Will anyone even read this?  Well, we hope so!  We have a lot to say!

If you know of PMG Creative then you know that we work with socially and environmentally responsible businesses as well as (and including) specialty food related companies.  We believe in partnering with companies that we see eye to eye with regarding their business practices – and clients who have services and products we feel passionate about and can have fun with.

This blog will focus on musings from our industry, stories from our travels, and reports of the goof-ball happenings in our office.  You will hear from all members of our team, and on occasion a guest blogger or two.

We hope you enjoy what we put out there, and always welcome your comments and feedback.



One Response to “Trepidation.”

  1. Steve Says:

    Ok…I confess, I was tolling for business partners and wound up at that god-aweful but practical vtliving site. I’ve been with agencies for about 12 years now as an account exec and new business guy (and in-house photographer). Recently I’ve decided to split my marketing and advertising consultancy and commercial photography, so I’m somewhat of a free spirit and have time to develop my commercial work.

    I know what you mean about blogs..I post stuff to mine occasionally, but without the marketing piece to drive folks to them, they feel more like vanity stroking than anything else. But hey what’s wrong with that? Best of luck to you guys. Serve up the first goof ball please….

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