Coke or Pepsi?


Marketers are really driven to persuade and help determine your preference.  Hey, someone has to help you with making decisions about all of your options out there – why not let it be us?!  As marketers we need to be targeting consumers now and for the long haul, meaning parents of future consumers.

I was dining at Friendly’s with my two young sons recently and overheard a conversation at a nearby table that got me thinking and reminiscing.  The child (about 11 years old) asked the waiter for a Pepsi.  The dad said, and I quote, “We drink Coke, ask for a Coke.”  The kid asked for the Coke (which Friendly’s serves) and went on about his business.  On the spot I was reminded that I had a huge impact on my children’s preferences as consumers.

When I was in college, my sadistics… err, I mean statistics… project was on Coke vs. Pepsi.  I set out to prove that one political party preferred one brand or the other.  Shockingly, I was right.  Which, now, has made me think about politics and how we are influenced by our parents political views as well.

Looking back at how my parent’s have influenced my buying patterns and how I shop now, I realized that they have had a GREAT impact and it is even transcending another generation.  I grew up never having a sandwich with mayonnaise.  We had Miracle Whip – after all, who could not use a tangy zip?  When my sister decided that she preferred Hellman’s there was cause for outcry in our household.  My mother immediately blamed the parents of my sister’s then best friend, Sharron.  Nevertheless, my mom purchased a tiny bottle of Hellman’s for my sister, while the rest of us continued on with Miracle Whip.  Though this is just one example, I could name hundreds (keep in mind that my parents are major foodies – and this plays into our buying habits as a family on the whole – I think we all spend more on fine-dining than the norm).

Ok – here is where I ask for your participation!  Leave a comment or send me an e-mail (Nicole (at) peoplemakinggood (dot) com) and let me know your preference: Coke or Pepsi products and how you tend to vote, democrat or republican.  We’ll post the results here and on our FaceBook page soon.  And for you over achievers – how have your parent’s persuaded your preferences?

Still lovin’ that tangy zip,



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    Great looking site!

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