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Chef Doug Barg

Chef Doug Barg

We are pleased to announce our new Consulting Executive Chef, Doug Barg!

Why would a PR firm need a chef, you ask?  Well,  we work with food clients.  Sometimes we need some advice, insight, and expertise to draw on.  We are all avid home cooks here, but none of us have been classically trained and we certainly don’t develop recipes that should be allowed outside of our own houses!

Enter Chef Barg!  I have worked with him previously during my tenure at Topnotch Resort in Stowe.  His resume is impressive, boasting top level chef positions at Ritz Carlton properties, The Hotel Washington, The Bay Tower Room and Serendipity.  Currently you can feast on Chef Barg’s nightly creations at Edson Hill Mannor in Stowe.

He is extremely talented, and in a state that boasts a lot of great chefs (thanks in part to the lifestyle and New England Culinary Institute!), Chef Barg stands apart.  His ideas are innovative and fresh, and most importantly in his role with us, Chef Barg is creative.

As our Consulting Executive Chef, Doug will assist clients with taste tests, recipe development (perhaps incorporating their products into menus), and work as a consultant at PMG on all things food.

We’re happy to be “making good” with Executive Chef Doug Barg!



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