Social Networking Spam?


As the global community figures out how to best use all of the social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc., etc., etc), marketers are trying out different methods to reach customers and other prospects through these mediums.

From time to time discussion begins on if tactic executed by a salesperson or marketer is considered spam or misuse of these mediums.  Here you will find one discussion regarding a Twitter communication.

What is your take?

We often “pitch” and Twitter about client news and happenings as well as post regarding blog updates, etc on Facebook.  Does this make PMG a spammer?  What are your thoughts?



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One Response to “Social Networking Spam?”

  1. drifaulfars Says:

    I often read the tweets on my Twitter page to see if their is anything interesting to read. If I find something I find helpful or interesting I re-tweet.
    I don´t like the ”make a million dollars in 5 minutes” tweets or posts but I do like the here is a new tool to make your life easier or interesting websites . As long as it has value, you are sending it to help or inspire, and you genuinely are excited about sharing something then I think you are ok.

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