I’m a Tweeter, He’s a Tweeter… Wouldn’t you like to Twitter too?


Time and time again I am asked about Twitter: do I use it? What is it good for? Isn’t it a waste of time? How do you make it work for work?

When Twitter first came about I was skeptical. Why would anyone want to know what I am doing? Who am I?! Well, it has been confirmed – I am apparently “somebody” to 45 46 116 (and counting!) people (and probably to my mom and dad but they do not Twitter)!

Here are some of my answers to the Twitter questions:

Do I use it?
YES! I use it every day. I tweet at work about what I am doing and at home about regular run of the mill kinds of things.

What is it good for?
All kinds of things. For keeping up with friends, for sure. It is so much more though! I “follow” editors, writers, news makers, social media experts and many other professionals in addition to some friends. This allows me to watch trends, stay on the cusp of what is going on in social media circles and possibly network a bit.

Is Twitter a waste of time?
Like anything, time management is key! Yes, you can get lost in watching for updates, but you can always go back and review the history of your peeps tweets. I do not consider it a waste of time if you are

  1. Learning
  2. Connecting/networking

How do you make it work for work?
There are a couple of helpful applications and tools that I use to make Twitter “work” for me.

Twhirl – a desktop approach to Twitter. Twirl runs in the background while you work and then alerts you when messages from the people you are following are posted. It is easy to use and has yet to mess with my Mac – so I give it a thumbs up!

Twitter Search – What are people talking about? Are you looking for what the buzz is on a certain product or company? This is the perfect tool! In this case I searched my client Small Dog Electronics and found that a few people were tweeting it up!!!

Twellow – a type of Twitter “yellow pages”, Twellow allows you to search by industry, job function and more. It is a great way to look for people you might be interested in following. In my case, I would look for editors, writers and journalists.

Figuring out how to make Twitter work within your profession is valuable if you think that global networking has some merit.


Nicole (you can follow my tweets on Twitter @pmgcreative)


PS. For those of you thinking, “Good grief! We need to put together a social media plan and get results fast!” There is no real way to do this. It is viral. And by that I mean it relies on your brand evangelists to go out there and talk you up. Word of Mouth. This takes time. And part of that relies on how good your product/event/widget is.

Better start now!


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