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A Little Excitement and Optimisim

February 14, 2009

I was going to blog about the right, and wrong, way for socially responsible companies to blend what they’re doing into their brand message, blah blah. That’ll wait for anther post, because I’m all in lather on the current unfounded economic pessimism.

Ever since I’ve been paying attention to the economy in ‘82 (a few years before I was set to graduate from college), I’ve seen the hysterical ‘sky is falling’ scenario at least three times. But each time, forward-thinking, innovative, RESPONSIBLE companies, and their dedicated employees, came out of the slump with a huge tailwind.

It won’t be different this time, after this readjustment. That’s the great part about our system – you’re free to game it, but eventually, surely, if you’re not guiding your firm with a sustainable plan and credo, you will be weeded out. Note: ‘crowds are wise’ (Google it).

And the surviving firms will thrive.

It’s kind of an accident that our little PR firm works only with socially responsible companies. We sat down over a bottle of wine three years ago and thought, “What’s the broadest cut we can make about the clients we want to work with, the ones that we can emotionally get behind?” It was pretty simplistic, and we chose SR firms as our niche – firms that were being responsible to their customers, their employees, their business partners, and their communities.

Well, none of us (clients included) partook in Wall Street’s $18 billion bonus payout this last year. But guess what? Our clients are all doing exceptionally well, all things considered. They’re optimistic about the future, their customers are loyal, their employees are loyal, and their vendors, bankers, and contractors are loyal.

I’m no economic guru, but from where I sit, this is a time to be excited and optimistic about. Yes, there is a lot of hurt everywhere, but that’s a done deal, it is what it is, and will be. Think instead: the companies all of us want to work for, the ones that create the products that will make us healthier, more comfortable, more productive, more secure, more competitive globally…they’ll be pushing roots into the newly weeded soil all around them.

Give it 10 months. Feed on the intelligent optimism of our capable political leadership and our visionary corporate leaders. Tune out the bad, and keep pushing ahead. There is a massive opportunity here for the firms that had the foresight, or maybe just the gut instinct, to lead into the future.

That’s exciting, and little PMG is seeing it in our clients every day, at the grass roots.