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Square Pegs: Not Just a Sarah Jessica Parker Sitcom

June 23, 2009

I have a window seat in the PMG office.

Okay, there’s only one desk that’s could be considered to be turned away from the windows, but that’s neither here nor there. I, the summer intern, have a window seat in the office. As a result, on occasion, I get to gaze upon the Waterfront. Or more truthfully, upon the people who are outside enjoying its splendor.

At least, some of them are. Others are parallel parking.

It’s a regular sight, people attempting to parallel park outside my window. Some succeed, some reevaluate, and some…well, some think that their Hummer is the size of a bread box. They wiggle, jiggle, and creep their way into a space that is not meant for them – it’s a little something called Square Peg Syndrome.

There’s a lot of Square Peg Syndrome in PR.

Imagine: You have a widget client – oh, what glorious widgets they produce! The bestest widgets you ever did see – plus, they’re nice people, which is always an added bonus.

The client has a dream: To reveal their latest widget on The Ubber Hip Show! Unfortunately, you know that The Ubber Hip Show doesn’t hit any of the widget’s targets and, in fact, may take away from other potentially potent placements (alliteration – love it!). But the client wants it – and they’re nice, remember?

So, you focus all of your energy on getting on The Ubber Hip Show. Days and nights of e-mails, calls, and, despite your best efforts, pleading that leads to…absolutely nothing. It’s a no-go and the widget client gets pitiable coverage on their latest and greatest invention.

And you know the sad truth? The Pretty Nifty Variety Hour, another popular show, would have hit your client’s target and their promotional dates perfectly – and you knew it, too. If only your focus wasn’t so pinpointed.

Sqaure Peg Syndrome AKA Over-targeting. It kills…your PR campaign.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some Waterfront gazing to catch up on.