It’s an honor…


…to be nominated, really!

Sarah Evans (of Mashable, #journchat, and Twitter fame) started the Top 50 Tweeples to Follow on Twitter.  Now in it’s second year, this award is a “people’s choice” style award where nominations come from the community and voting is open to anyone.  The idea is that this list of 50 are the best people to follow to help other better understand Twitter and how to use it.  There are several categories.  Being nominated for this is really an honor for me as we do spend a lot of time trying to better understand social media tools and how to use them effectively in marketing and public relations.  And as with social media – sharing what you know with others in the online community is part of the gig.

You can find more details here.

You can vote and see results here.

I am delighted to see PMG clients GreenHomes America and Boloco also nominated.

Good luck to all.  Voting ends September 1st.


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One Response to “It’s an honor…”

  1. Social Media Commando Says:

    Congratulations Nicole!

    You’re a credit to the Twittersphere and the entire Burlington community (heck, a lot more folks than that) are thrilled to see you nominated.

    Keep up the good work!

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